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Heya! My name's Boo and I'm our Senior Lash Technician at Lalujama, welcome to our website..! I'm a 3x Certified Lash Tech & I have a passion for helping people feel better about themselves . Whether you're looking for a Natural Lash Lift to or want to try Lash Extensions to bring some Glam to your look, I'm your Lash Lady! You can book in for an online consult or over the phone, or if you're ready to book, use our link here to select from our list of servives.. Xxx

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Lash Lift - $99


A Lash Lift is a Lash Perm that 'lifts' the Lashes from the base upwards, just like a lash curler does but a Lash Lift will keep them lifted from 4-6wks! (how good is that?). This also includes a Tint (colour of your choice) so you can drop the Mascara out of your morning routine - did we mention we love how much time this saves you? 

Our Lash Lift service includes a Lash 'Re-Gen' treatment. This Vegan Lash Botox invigorates the Lashes with moisture and boosts them. With over 25 plant based ingredients in the serum, we can assure your Lashes will be nice and healthy.

I would recommend this service for those that rock the Natural look and don't like to feel "over the top" with their eyes. Great for work or for going on holiday! 

It's important to understand results vary from person to person because Lash thickness and length vary. The beauty of this is that every Lift is unique to each individual. 

You can rebook a Lift every 5-6wks and we always recommend booking all your appointments 1-2wks in advance as we do book out so quick! (Grateful for it too..!)

NAtural Lashes - $145

1hr 30mins 

Popularly known as 'Classic Lashes', we apply 1 Lash Extension to 1 of your Natural Lashes. We use a Cashmere Lash on all our Lash Extensions - it's currently the markets softest lash (and it delivers a beautiful look too!) This Lash Set serves whispy, light goodness and great for those that want a subtle but 'there' look to their Lashes.

We recommend booking for infills every 2wks as we find at 3wks+ it's time for almost a full set! We lose up to 4 Lashes a day naturally (we're mammals and we shed hair/lashes just like our other animal friends).

Please rebook 2-3 appointments in advance to secure your spot as we do book out quickly. Especially so if you add other services when you come in!

GLam Lashes - $175

1hr 30mins - 2hrs

Volume Lashes have endless styling options, so what are they? 

A Volume Lash (AKA volume fan or Lash fan) is when a lash with 2+ is applied to one of your Natural Lashes. Perfect for those with a sparse Lash line, you can now say hello to full, fluffy lashes..!

Our most popular Lash service by far, we'd say it's because of our unique and signature Lalujama touch.

We use exclusive 'Cashmere' Lashes that have the softest feel and the 'darkest black' available on the Market. Every part of our Lash service is kitted out with the best and the latest. 

Mega volume - $259


Mega are definitely nothing short of their name - we apply  10+ Lashes to one of your natural lashes using a SUPER fine lash (0.03mm to be exact). Yes these are with our Favourite Cashmere fiber too!

Mega Volume is, as they say, "Density without Damage". Although it sounds like they would be heavier, these lashes are actually lighter than a Classic Lash! Head to our Instagram and we explain the math behind it.

Just because it's Mega doesn't mean it needs to be long. There are some beautiful styling options where we keep your Lashes on the shorter side, giving you an eyeliner effect. 

With incredible retention, we recommend infills every 2-3wks. If well taken care of, 3wks is a great option! (Don't forget to shampoo those babies!).

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