Lash Lift & Extension Portfolio

We LOVE Lashes - we endeavor to tailor each set of Lashes to our client. We take into consideration SO MANY THINGS (we're extra like that..). From your eye shape to your entire face shape. The length and thickness of your natural Lashes to ensure healthy lashes. The kind of maintenance you're going to be wanting to put into your Lashes and most importantly: your personality..!  Whether it be the Classic, Natural, Everyday look with a Lash Lift OR the Full and Fluffy Glamorous Lashes for that “WOW” factor – we understand you and will take care of your Lashes like they're our own.


At Lalujama we pride ourselves in using the highest quality products to our clients and our Lashes are no exception – all our Lashes are SILK based. These give a stable yet natural curl and are super soft so they add no added stress to your Lashes. Our prices reflect our quality products and expertise in Eyelash Extensions:

If you're a Bride looking for Lashes for your special Day we have packages available! Having Lashes on your Wedding Day ensures your Photos will look their best, even after you get a bit teary. Wearing Lash Strips or Clusters can peel or pop off during your Event and can be a real hassle to deal with. Send us an e-mail if you have any inquiries as we offer Packages for Lashes / Make-up / Spray Tans / Brow Shaping for you and your Bride Squad!

To see our portfolio head to our instagram : @lalujamabrowslashesmakeup


Lash Lift - $99 - Whether you're looking for a Natural Curl or Dramatic Lift, we've got you covered. Lash Lifting is one of our sepcialties at Lalujama (and we'd hope so after offering it for almost 7yrs now..!)

Full Natural Set - $135 – Perfect for a full and fluffy look while still looking natural and not too over the top – apprx. 100 per eye


Full GLAM set - $160 – When you’re wanting a bit more density to your Lash Line and love a bit of drama (on your lashes that is!) apprx. 160+ lashes per eye

Natural Half Set - $70 – Looking for a simple look with a bit of a flick on the outer corner of your Lashes? This set is for you – from the middle to the outer corners of your eyes gives them a beautiful lift – apprx 50 Lashes per eye.

GLAM Half Set - $90 – Pretty Glam without being overly dramatic, brilliant for a sexy and still sophisticated look – applying more dense lashes from the mid – outer corners of the eyes – apprx. 80 lashes per eye


We lose up to 5 lashes a DAY! Crazy right? So it’s important to come in for your infills regularly to maintain your Lashes. Any “infills” 4wks or over WILL be considered a Full Set – this is due to the work involved and the time it takes is the same (if not more) than a Full Set.

2wk Infill - Natural $60 --- Glam $70

3wk Infill – Natural $80 --- Glam $90



We will NOT work on another technician’s work – this is because we rely and trust the products we use (as well as our service!). If your eyes are feeling irritable because your Lashes are stuck together or are looking clumpy we can help you. Our treament also includes a soothing eye mask

$20 for every 15mins