AQUA VITAL HYDRATION FACIAL - 1hr incl. massage - $120

The Aqua Vital range has been formulated for all skin types that need hydration and oxygenation. Anesi's revoluntionary '3D Hydra APS' ingredient consists of magnetized or polarized water that produces rapid cellular hydration in 3 stages of the skin. Not only will your skin feel clean, plump and hydrated, your stress will melt away with our head, neck and shoulder massage for complete relaxation.

COFFRET HARMONIE TENDRESSE FACIAL - 1hr incl. massage - $135

An intensive treatment for sensitive skin that needs regeneration, an improvement of micro-circulation to reduce or treat skin tightness and flakiness due to it's fragile nature. Lay down, take a deep breath and let the Anesi products make your sensitive skin feel rejuvenated, soft and hydrated. 

COFFRET DERMO CORRECTEUR - 1hr incl. massage - $135

The perfect solution for extreme cases of oil secretion and proliferation of impurities. The active ingredients are astringent, healing and regenerating - all conceived to produce and effective and profound peeling that renews the skin. Kick your shoes off and escape for an our of reprieve, relaxation and ol' fashioned 'me time'.

COFFRET CELESTIAL SECRET - 1hr 15mins incl. massage - $175

The Ultimate in Anti-Ageing Skin care, Celestial Secret recuperates the characteristics of youthful skin - firm, hydrated and luminous. A unique and Anesi exclusive ingredient from space and over 4.5 billion years old: METEORITE EXTRACT. Come in and experience our most luxurious facial at Lalujama, you'll be impressed and surprised by your results!